Leading to Succeed:

Essential Skills for the New Workplace

By Wagner Denuzzo


Dramatic changes in the business world are creating new opportunities for personalized experiences. With no fixed pathways towards success, maneuvering the complexity of this new environment calls for further immersion into that which energizes and empowers you. This book is a journey through inner experiences, emotional development, and the dynamics that shape one’s worldview, values, and guided actions, creating a foundation for a purposeful and satisfying career.

Wagner Denuzzo, a Latino immigrant from Brazil, became a licensed psychotherapist and later held global executive roles in Fortune 500 companies. His experiences allow him to establish connections between psychology and workplace social dynamics, as well as the unique experiences of individuals navigating rigidly hierarchical businesses. At its heart, the book shows that leadership skills are vital for all members of the organization—from individual contributors to executives—to prepare them well for the new era of work.

Denuzzo helps the reader understand the “Essential Leadership Expressions” required for a balanced life, integrating character, community, and career. It is particularly relevant for the early-in-career individual entering a transformed world of work, experiencing historic technological advancements and a global economy that must address ESG and global social concerns, while satisfying shareholders and customers.

LEADING TO SUCCEED is a must read for members of the new workforce. It defines the key leadership skills imperative for success in tomorrow’s workplace, independently from positions, roles, and titles within an organization.

Organizational leaders will benefit from learning to understand the human dynamics in workplace performance, and HR practitioners will enhance their understanding of the employee experience, allowing them to address situations with greater empathy and compassion.