How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate if You Know Nothing about Commercial Real Estate:

The Definitive Institutional Real Estate Investing Guide

By David A. Dowell & Bruce M. Stachenfeld


In HOW TO INVEST IN COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE, authors Dowell and Stachenfeld have created the ultimate guide for anyone who would like to invest in the real estate asset class but doesn’t quite know where to start. In an easy-to-read format, all aspects of commercial real estate investment are clearly and entertainingly described, including more complex deal structures.

But this book isn’t just for beginning investors. Even seasoned professionals will benefit from reading it, especially from the authors’ insights into the more intricate elements of the market.

The authors, a commercial real estate investor and a commercial real estate attorney, have over seventy years combined of invaluable experience with commercial real estate. Their love for their subject is palpable, and they pass along their passion and enthusiasm to the reader.

Because the real estate market is viable and changeable, this guide includes a final chapter addressing current trends and the authors’ predictions for the future.

The three sections begin with an outline of real estate basics, followed by a deeper analysis of practical applications. Section three presents conclusions and commentary on the state (and the future) of the market.

So whether you are taking those first steps into commercial real estate investment or want to upgrade your expertise, HOW TO INVEST IN COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE will prove to be a much needed and frequently referenced resource.