What makes us a different kind of publisher?

We are a boutique business: we don’t operate an assembly line. Every author, every book gets hands on attention from our core team of publishing experts.

Flexibility: we specialize in making books of any kind, for any audience, in the formats that make sense for each project and every audience.

Forward thinking: change is a constant. We are traditionalists in that we are committed to quality. And we are at the same time innovative and committed to mastering change. We are comfortable in every marketplace and every form of publishing, old and new.

We listen: to your goals, needs and aspirations.

We inquire: what can we do to help?

We respect: your needs and commitment to success.

We act: we do the work needed to help you achieve your goals.

We are transparent and honest in every aspect of our work and business. We will never over promise and under deliver, and we will never mischaracterize your chances of success in a crowded and competitive market. We will believe in you and we will be your partner, and we will never be anything less than honest and clear.

Our publisher is David Wilk, a publishing veteran with decades long experience in the book business and a commitment to helping authors and content creators of all kinds meet their publishing goals.