About David Wilk

Over the course of a nearly fifty-year career, Easton Studio Press’s founder and president, David Wilk, has worked in almost every aspect of print and digital publishing, book distribution, and marketing, including fiction, photography, art, graphic novels, children’s books, and bestselling nonfiction.

For the last two decades, David has been an innovating publisher, consultant, advisor, and book packager, providing all kinds of book-related services to publishers, corporations, nonprofits, and individual authors. During that time, he has worked with hundreds of authors, publishers, media companies and nonprofits.

His podcast, Writerscast.com, has featured interviews with more than 400 writers and publishing professionals since its inception in 2008 and is featured on iTunes and other podcast providers. He also founded and operates Livewriters.com, the only website that aggregates book-related podcasts from around the world.

David has taught classes, workshops, and given keynotes at NYU, SUNY College, Yale University, Woodland Pattern Literary Arts, Sisters in Crime, ASJA, Book Expo, American Library Association, International Digital Publishers Forum, Digital Book World, Self Publishing Expo, Tools of Change, Novelists Inc., Newtown Healing Arts, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, the European Union and many other organizations. He is the author of four books, and publishes a widely read weekly newsletter, The Weird Times.

He was Literature Program Director at the National Endowment for the Arts (1978–1981) where he received a Distinguished Service Award, was co-founder of Inland Book Company (1981–1996), President of LPC Distribution (1997–2002), Senior Vice President at Perseus Distribution (2002–2005), and Vice President at Resolution, Inc. (2005–2007) before founding Easton Studio Press in 2004. Easton is now one of the longest operating independent hybrid publishers in North America; its books are distributed by Two Rivers Distribution, an Ingram Company.