Bankable Business Plans:

A successful entrepreneur’s guide to starting and growing any business: Updated 2024 Edition Paperback – September 10, 2024

By Edward G. Rogoff


The secrets behind creating compelling and successful business plans that are sure to attract financial backers and help business owners stay on track are revealed step-by-step in this invaluable guide. Containing clear, detailed explanations of the guidelines that banks, venture capital firms, and the Small Business Administration (SBA) use to grant loans and other financial support to businesses, this crucial resource equips potential business owners with a wealth of knowledge on lending procedures.

This guide includes hundreds of useful ideas for developing, operating, marketing, and building a profitable business. Also included are copious examples and resources for further study. By demonstrating how to make each business plan uniquely suited to a particular endeavor—such as home-based businesses, sole proprietorships, and franchise operations—this comprehensive handbook ensures that anyone can embark on a new business venture with confidence and clarity.